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The 10 most-searched banks / BIC codes:

BIC / SWIFTName of bankCity Country
1.DNBANOBBXXXDnB NOR Bank ASA BergenBergenNorway
3.SKAANO21XXXSkudenes Og Aakra Sparebank-Norway
4.SPTLNO21XXXSparebank 1 Telemark-Norway
5.HANDNOKKXXXSvenska Handelsbanken NorwayOsloNorway
6.SPTRNO22XXXSparebank1 Midt Norge Sptrno22-Norway
7.RIRINO21XXXSparebank 1 Ringerike Hadeland-Norway
8.VEFONO21XXXSparebank 1 Buskerud Vestfold-Norway
9.BLSANO21XXXBlaker Sparebank-Norway
10.STADNO21XXXStadsbygd Sparebank-Norway

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Date of dataset: 05/2024

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